CaberBoard Range

Model:CaberBoard Range
Software:Revit 2015
Last Updated:25 Jul 2017
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Further Information

Norboard's trusted flooring systems 'CaberBoard' is commonly used within construction industry and comprises of several high quality options to suit your application, products in the CaberBoard range include; 

CaberFloor P5 - The UK’s leading chipboard flooring board.

CaberDek - Flooring with a waterproof slip-resistant film & BBA approval

CaberShieldPlus - P5 flooring with a tough, waterproof coating on both sides.

ContiBoard - provides a versatile solution for shelving, storage and bespoke furniture.


This download includes a Revit project file which contains material definitions and standard floor build-ups for all products available under the Norboard 'CaberBoard' range;

  • CaberDek
  • CaberFloor P5 
  • ContiBoard
  • CaberShield+


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