SterlingOSB Range

Model:SterlingOSB Range
Software:Revit 2015
Last Updated:25 Jul 2017
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Further Information

The SterlingOSB range is well known in the construction industry and regarded as a system with 'Strength you can build on'. It comprises of several Oriented Strand Board options; 

SterlingOSB 2 - for structural use in load bearing dry conditions.

SterlingOSB 3 - or structural use in load bearing humid conditions

SterlingOSB 3 - Tongue & Groove - sanded and machined to exact tolerances

Sterling OSB SiteCoat - Primer coated hoarding ready for paint or site graphics

SterlingOSB Fire Solutions - Reduce the risk of fire spread during construction of timber frame buildings.

SterlingOSB BuildBoard - a premium panel; sealed and finished with a smooth coating on both sides.

SterlingOSB RoofDek - Specifically designed roofing board, sanded - with T&G

SterlingOSB StrongFix - an OSB panel designed to provide support in dry lining applications

This download includes a Revit project file which contains material definitions and standard build ups for all products available under the Norboard 'Sterling OSB' range;

  • SterlingOSB 2 
  • SterlingOSB 3
  • SterlingOSB 3 - Tongue & Groove 
  • Sterling OSB SiteCoat
  • SterlingOSB Fire Solutions 
  • SterlingOSB BuildBoard 
  • SterlingOSB RoofDek 
  • SterlingOSB StrongFix 


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