Concord Plane - Single

Manufacturer:Stelrad Radiators Ltd
Model:Concord Plane - Single
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:11 Jan 2018

Further Information

This produst offers a visual appeal combined with advanced technology, the Concord variety of radiators provides a contemporary solution to a wide range of building applications. There is a choice of four different types of radiator and a variety of sizes and outputs, Concord allows extensive flexibility of siting whilst breaking new barriers in heating efficiency.

Whatever your building specification, you can be sure that this advanced variety of radiators will provide elegant visual style, combined with top quality engineering and performance.

This is constructed from slim flat tubes that lie horizontally, the Concord Plane offers a new vision for radiators. It is available in 3 different heights with widths from 500mm to 3000mm, 102 models with outputs from 1304 Btu/hr 382 watts to 21,419 Btu/hr 6276 watts.

This download is for the Concord Plane - Single Radiator

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