Earthwool Loft Roll 40 (Combi-cut)

Manufacturer:Knauf Insulation Ltd
Model:Earthwool Loft Roll 40 (Combi-cut)
Software:revit 2011, archicad, vectorworks, bentley, IFC
Last Updated:06 Jun 2018
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Further Information

Earthwool Loft Roll 40 is a flexible glass mineral wool quilt which is lightweight, resilient and non-combustible. The rolls are 1140mm wide and are either partially perforated or fully cut to produce either 2 rolls 570mm wide or 3 rolls 380mm wide.

• Lightweight and economic insulation quilt
• Produced for use with timber joists at 400mm and 600mm centres
• Partially perforated or fully cut
• Provides thermal, acoustic and fire performance




Earthwool Loft Roll 40 has a thermal conductivity of 0.040W/mK.


Earthwool Loft Roll 40 is classified as Euroclass A1 ro BS EN ISO 13501-1.

Downloads are available for Revit, ArchiCAD, IFC, Bentley and Vectorworks files for the Earthwool Loft Roll 40 (Combi-cut).

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