Earthwool Masonry Party Wall Slab

Manufacturer:Knauf Insulation Ltd
Model:Earthwool Masonry Party Wall Slab
Software:revit 2011, archicad, vectorworks, bentley, IFC
Last Updated:06 Jun 2018
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Further Information

Earthwool Masonry Party Wall Slab is a flexible glass mineral wool slab which is lightweight, resilient and non-combustible, it is designed as a full fill thermal and acoustic solution for use in masonry cavity party walls between adjoining apartments, semi detached and terraced houses.

• Can be used as part of a full fill solution to achieve a zero effective U-value
• Range of thicknesses to suit common cavity widths
• Sized to friction fit between cavity wall ties
• Easy to handle and install with no gaps between adjacent slabs



Earthwool Masonry Party Wall Slab has a minimum density of 18kg/m3.


Earthwool Masonry Party Wall Slab is classified as Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1.


Earthwool Masonry Party Wall Slab can be used in conjunction with Robust Details solutions. For compatible Robust Details solutions visit

Downloads are available for Revit, ArchiCAD, IFC, Bentley and Vectorworks files for the Earthwool Masonry Party Wall Slab.

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