Manufacturer:Stelrad Radiators Ltd
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:11 Jan 2018

Further Information

The UK’s most popular and well-liked radiator has received substantial investment to produce increased quality and performance. Which suggests that the Stelrad Elite currently offers improved outputs for exceptional heating performance.

As a measure of the all round dependable quality and performance, Stelrad Elite comes complete with a 10 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

A range of 183 models provides additional sizing flexibility to cover a large number of application requirements. The Elite also offers one of the slimmest double panel radiators at just 77mm wide.

Flexibility of installation doesn’t simply mean a larger choice of sizing either. There are specifically designed accessories, like floor standing brackets, to confirm that Stelrad Elite can be fitted anywhere.

Symmetrical convectors allow radiator mounting either way up. TBOE connection is offered as an important facility in commercial applications and to ensure greater efficiency and economy, the convectors are precision welded directly onto the waterways.

This download contains all types of the Elite radiator, K1, K2, P+, P1.

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