LST Standard

Manufacturer:Stelrad Radiators Ltd
Model:LST Standard
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:11 Jan 2018

Further Information

Every Stelrad LST radiator is provided with an attractive, flat panel outer casing, which is totally reversible to allow piping flexibility. Fast and straightforward to install, the casing is held by security fittings with a unique seam fixing bracket system to prevent unauthorised access to the emitter accommodated inside. And for added protection, the smooth surface is coated in anti-bacterial paint.

The emitter itself provides high outputs through convection for outstanding heating performance. Strictly controlled independent laboratory testing ensures that each emitter is guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar) and conform to BS EN 442, the European Standard for radiators.

Whether the LST Standard or LST Plus is better suited to your requirements, you will find all the specified components required supplied in one robust package, and, as you would expect from Stelrad, every LST radiator is guaranteed to deliver outstanding performance and dependability.

This download is for the LST Standard Radiator.

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