Knauf Insulation Acoustic Membrane - KAM 5

Manufacturer:Knauf Insulation Ltd
Model:Knauf Insulation Acoustic Membrane - KAM 5
Software:revit 2011, archicad, vectorworks, bentley, IFC
Last Updated:06 Jun 2018
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Further Information

KAM 5 is a high density vinyl acoustic membrane which combines high integral strength, flexibility, mass and thickness to improve the sound insulation performance of lightweight flat roofs and is effective across the sound frequency range.

Single ply membrane roof

KAM 5 is installed between the profiled metal deck and the vapour control layer in single ply membrane flat roofs.

Built-up metal roof

KAM 5 is installed between the profiled metal outer sheet and Earthwool FactoryClad Roll in built-up metal roofing systems.

• Excellent acoustic performance
• Improves low frequency performance
• Quick and easy to install and cut
• Available in roll form to reduce the number of joints and speed up the installation process
• Cost effective solution
• Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects

Downloads are available for Revit, ArchiCAD, IFC, Bentley and Vectorworks files for the Knauf Insulation Acoustic Membrane - KAM 5.

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